Month: March 2006


Finished the Implemention of Microsoft CRM 3.0 on CISCO CME V3.4 (Call Manager Express) with Cisco Unified CRM Connector V 3.0 Used together, Cisco’s VoIP gear and Microsoft’s CRM software allow for features such as screen pops, wherein customer information

Full Solar Eclipse in Kastelorizo – Greece

Ερωτικά Ποιήματα

Τελικά αυτά είναι τα καλύτερα search stings στο Internet

Append the date and time to a file

DOS or CMD copy or move with DATE OR set cdate=%date:~4,2%-%date:~7,2%-%date:~10,4% copy file.txt %cdate%_file.txt From @Echo OFFTITLE DateNameREM DateName.CMDREM takes a filename as %1 and renames as YYMMDDHHMM_%1REMREM ————————————————————-IF %1.==. GoTo USAGESet CURRDATE=%TEMP%CURRDATE.TMP  DATE /T > %CURRDATE%  Set PARSEARG=”eol=;