WordPress 4.4 failed to update themes and plugins

If you use WordPress 4.4 and you failed to update themes and plugins you have to follow these steps:

Login to your ftp and go wp-admin ->> includes and edit class-wp-filesystem-ftpext.php
$file_list = @ftp_nlist( $this->link, ‘-a ‘ . $path );
$file_list = @ftp_nlist( $this->link, $path );

Now you will be able to update again wordpress plugins and themes with no problem!


Moved from azure webapp to virtual host

System information as of Wed Jan 6 16:59:51 UTC 2016

Τέλη Κυκλοφορίας 2016

Τέλη Κυκλοφορίας 2016  !!

Τέλη Κυκλοφορίας

‪‪New York City Marathon‬, ‪Νέα Υόρκη‬ ‪Μαραθώνιος‬‬

‪‪New York City Marathon‬, ‪Νέα Υόρκη‬, ‪Μαραθώνιος‬‬



Protect from SQL Injection in IIS

To create a global filtering rule for SQL Injection:

  • Open the applicationhost.config file in the following path:


  • Search the applicationhost.config file for “<requestFiltering>” (without the quotes.)
  • Immediately under the <requestFiltering> tag, paste the following settings:

<filteringRule name=”SQLInjection” scanQueryString=”true”>
<add fileExtension=”.asp” />
<add fileExtension=”.aspx” />
<add string=”–” />
<add string=”;” />
<add string=”/*” />
<add string=”@” />
<add string=”char” />
<add string=”alter” />
<add string=”begin” />
<add string=”cast” />
<add string=”create” />
<add string=”cursor” />
<add string=”declare” />
<add string=”delete” />
<add string=”drop” />
<add string=”end” />
<add string=”exec” />
<add string=”fetch” />
<add string=”insert” />
<add string=”kill” />
<add string=”open” />
<add string=”select” />
<add string=”sys” />
<add string=”table” />
<add string=”update” />

  • Save the changes to applicationhost.config.



Open Shared Mailbox 365 with iPad / iPhone

  1. Login to outlook.com\yourdomain.com
  2. Click open mailbox
  3. copy the link, from address bar
  4. go back to your mailbox, create a note and paste the link
    something like https://yourserver.outlook.com/owa/user@domain.com/
  5. click on the link and create a shortcut …

Windows 8 Preview & Office 2012




Windows Server 8

Remember to enable 3D Graphics Accelaration on Display [vmware workstation]